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Self Help Resources

Heal Your Life to read: Become a Heal Your Life Teacher and Find a Heal Your Life teacher.

Through a unique licensing agreement with Hay House, Inc., the worldwide leader in self-help and transformational book publishing, Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC is now the exclusive worldwide provider of Heal Your Life® training.

Marlene is licensed as a self-love teacher with Hay House, Inc, and Heart Inspired Presentations, LLC. She can help you to dive deep into the world of self-love and heal your life. Should you wish to embark on this wonderful journey, sign up now for the 10-week course.

This 10-week study course is based on Louise Hay’s bestselling book, “You Can Heal Your Life”.

The HYL Study course is a focused opportunity for participants to go inward. This course can help you re-discover your deepest loving nature and all that you can be. Immerse yourself in the heart-felt philosophy and wake up to the life you dream of.

The 10-week study course focuses on the following:

  • Learning to love yourself and others in a meaningful way.
  • Release habitual negative thinking
  • Learn how to incorporate affirmations into our daily life coupled with inspired action.
  • Learn how to create loving relationships
  • Understand family dynamics and barriers to love.
  • Love and accept yourself without the criticism
  • Connect with your Inner Child
  • Utilize meditations and visualizations to improve your overall well-being.
  • Open your heart to the totality of possibilities.
  • Trust that you are always divinely guided and protected to live fearlessly!


Cancer Association of South Africa –

Reach for Recovery –

Sexual Violence

Rape Crisis –

Human Trafficking

A21 –

Salvation Army Anti-Human Trafficking –

Relationship support and Domestic Violence

FAMSA (Family and Marriage Society of South Africa) –

Family South Africa –

Alcohol and Drug Dependency

Alcoholics Anonymous –

Narcotics Anonymous Western Cape –

Depression and Anxiety

South African Depression and Anxiety Group –

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