Episode Description

Today I am delighted to welcome my second expert guest to the podcast, Hazel Antiporta, who joins me from her home in Toronto, Ontario. In this episode, we discuss inner child healing and breaking generational trauma.

Hazel is a healing and transformational life coach, working as a certified Hypnotherapist, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and Time Techniques Practitioner.

Over the past year, she has worked with hundreds of clients, mainly focusing on healing their emotional traumas so they can live a new self-narrative that works for their lifestyle. We will tap into her knowledge and experience to learn more about inner child healing and breaking generational trauma. Hazel educates us, and this is what you will learn from our discussion.

Ø  How Hazel’s journey helped her choose this career path.

Ø  How childhood trauma can affect us when we reach adulthood.

Ø  How generational trauma is passed down from one generation to another.

Ø  How to break the cycle of generational trauma.

Ø  What you can expect from Hazel’s coaching programme.

Ø  How hypnotherapy works.

Ø  How to identify triggers and lots more!

Hazel is very intuitive and astute, and she has a pleasant disposition, and I know that you will love her insights! Get ready to be educated and motivated.

About The Author

Marlene McConnell

Marlene McConnell is an author, podcast host, self-love teacher and trauma survivor. She believes that trauma recovery is accessible to everyone, and that it starts with the acknowledgement that something has happened to you combined with a willingness to heal. McConnell’s book was inspired by the realization that she touched many lives by sharing her story at a support group. Her message of hope not only resonated with the survivors, but also with the family members and friends who supported them at the group sessions. Marlene is also an attorney who holds B.Proc, LLB and LLM law degrees. She loves travel, Pilates, nature, learning new languages, and good food.