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Our Mission

My Centered Life is an online resource that focuses on mind, body, and spiritual well-being. This site is an extension of the Surviving Trauma: Stories of Hope podcast. The aim is to help people find their centered space, their place of empowerment.

About Us

The website aims to help people create a fulfilling life for themselves through achieving mind, body, and spiritual well-being. It gives survivors the opportunity to access online resources, submit their stories online for a chance to be featured on the podcast and to help them on their journey.

The online resources include:

  • the Surviving Trauma: Stories of Hope podcast episodes;
  • blogs;
  • an interactive online community on social media; and
  • self-improvement resources including
    • Journal prompts;
    • Meditation resources,
    • Join the 10-week heal your life course,
    • Become a heal your life teacher
    • A directory of self-help resources.

Through awareness, daily practices, and being present, everyone can access their centred space. hopes to bring much-needed support, guidance, and community to fellow survivors and anyone who wants to live a centred life.

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    Our Favourite Inspirational Quotes

    “The Tao is the Secret of the Middle Way. It is the place where no energy is pushing in either direction. The Tao is where the pendulum has been permitted to come to balance concerning food, relationships, money, sex, doing, not doing, and everything else.”

    Michael A. Singer

    “Everything that I need is already within me”

    Louise Hay

    “If you get, give, If you learn, teach.”

    Maya Angelou

    “What you think, you become, What you feel, you attract, What you imagine, you create.”

    Gautama Buddha

    “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

    Mahatma Gandhi

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