Episode Description

In this week’s episode, I am delighted to welcome Self-Relationship Coach Christina Carlson to the podcast.

Christina is a Self Relationship Coach, Speaker, Facilitator, and the Host of the podcast Bitches, Witches, and Queers. She was raised in radical religious groups and joined two cults as an adult before reconnecting to her body through dance, discovering her own sexuality, deconverting from religion, and discovering spirituality. In our conversation, we explored topics around radical religious groups, cults, self-love, spirituality, and so much more.

Christina is certified as an Energy Coach and a Life Coach and helps women and nonbinary folks to heal and grow their relationships with themselves.

It has been my pleasure to have Christina join me, and I know, my listeners, that you will enjoy the episode.

Enjoy the episode, and a special thank you to my listeners for joining me on this journey.

If you wish to connect with Christina, check out her website and social media links below.

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/christinacarlsoncoach/

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/christinacarlsonlifecoaching/

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About The Host

Marlene McConnell

Marlene McConnell is an author, podcast host, self-love teacher and trauma survivor. She believes that trauma recovery is accessible to everyone, and that it starts with the acknowledgement that something has happened to you combined with a willingness to heal. McConnell’s book and podcast was inspired by the realization that she touched many lives by sharing her story at a support group. Her message of hope not only resonated with the survivors, but also with the family members and friends who supported them at the group sessions. Marlene is also an attorney who holds B.Proc, LLB and LLM law degrees. She loves travel, Pilates, nature, learning new languages, and good food.