It is so much easier to be kind to others, and it does wonders for our mental health, but we can often forget to show ourselves some compassion when it comes to wellbeing. During this pandemic, it is significantly more important to be mindful of kindness to self.


Create the awareness

As we go about our daily lives, we are not aware of how unkind we can be to ourselves. It is also easy to overlook since it has become so ingrained in us to be unkind to ourselves. Make an effort to identify the negative talk and create the awareness within to change those negative thoughts.


Being kind to yourself is positive in your life

Self-kindness is essential for our overall mind, body, and soul wellbeing. We spend more time with ourselves than anyone else, and how we relate to ourselves has a significant impact on how we feel. We must cultivate a great respect for ourselves and express gratitude for our bodies and minds—looking at ourselves with admiration for what we see. This change in behavior to increase self-kindness can genuinely benefit the body, mind, and soul.


Know and accept that you’re worth receiving kindness

It is so much easier to see the negative in ourselves. We say and think things like; I don’t deserve this, I’m so not pretty, I am so delayed, I am such a klutz, and so forth.  This negative talk to self demonstrates that being kind to others is sometimes easier. When you see a friend, you are kind; you may even share a compliment. If it’s good enough for others, then why not you? We must understand that being kind to ourselves comes with the understanding and acknowledgment that we are human, flawed and that nobody is perfect.


Engage in mirror work

We must look at ourselves every day and acknowledge the person in the mirror. Most people look in a mirror only to criticize what they see. They don’t know the beauty that stares back at them. This could be because the connection when locking eyes in the mirror stirs up uncomfortable feelings in their spiritual heart. When they feel the disturbance, criticism is an accessible thought. Honestly, life is hard enough. We must take our opportunity to do mirror work to be kind and supportive, which will help us get through. Let us not be a negative person pointing fingers at ourselves; let it be a pleasure to spend time with ourselves.


Move forward with compassion

When we are kind to ourselves, it contributes to our emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing. We feel better; we respond better; we approach everything better. When we engage with ourselves from a place of self-kindness and compassion, we unlock the potential of our lives. We start to notice positive changes, and everything flows to us effortlessly. Positive talk and self-kindness boost happiness and enhance our motivation, performance, and resilience.

However, when we criticised ourselves and engage in negative talk, we don’t feel good, we don’t respond well, and things do not come to us effortlessly. We the slower their progress over time was, and the less likely they were to achieve the goal they had set. Being cruel to ourselves is not motivating: instead, it leaves us feeling threatened and demoralised.

Taking responsibility for our wellbeing is one of the kindest acts we can give ourselves.